application scenarios

Bitumen, paraffin, and other chemicals that have high loading temperatures and can solidify after loading.

Product introduction

Wine Flexitank is specially developed by Hengxin for loading red wine, juice, milk and so on oxygen resistance requirements of the liquid product liquid bag, he has a high oxygen resistance rate, high water resistance rate The characteristic.

product details


The high-temperature resistant (HTR) is specially designed for bitumen, paraffin, and other chemicals that need special high-temperature-resistant materials. Compared with the ordinary type, it can withstand higher loading temperatures to ensure the safety of high temperature and non-hazardous chemical liquids that are easy to solidify.

Size: 16-24KL 

Specification: Multi-layer flexitank 

Temperature: 61-90 

Container: 20ft Container 

Transportation: Road, sea, rail, and intermodal transportation



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